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Corvus Signal: Quarterly Ransomware Round Up
Ransomware is up 72% from last year. Why?

It’s not just our air conditioners working overtime this summer. Instead of the anticipated seasonal lull, threat actors recently broke global records and ransomware hit an all-time high.

Based on data from ransomware leak sites, we observed a 29% increase from Q1 and a steep 72% increase year over year. Now more than ever, organizations need to know what to expect to outpace cybercriminals and protect their bottom line.

Watch Ryan Bell, Corvus’s Threat Intelligence Expert, as he discusses current trends and contributing factors to the increase in ransomware activity in 2023.

What he covers:

  • Ransomware shows no sign of slowing down. What's contributing to the uptick in attacks?

  • The MOVEit zero-day vulnerability made headlines. What will threat actors learn from CL0P's success?

  • Our Threat Intel team is keeping a close eye on the dark-web. What do we predict for the future?

  • It’s unlikely CL0P (and other ransomware gangs) will stop here. What can organizations do to protect their data?

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Ryan Bell

Threat Intelligence Expert, Corvus Insurance


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