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Cyberattack Prevention Webinar

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Introducing Cyberattack Prevention Month

Learn how to prepare for the future of cyber threats

If you work with Corvus, that means you’re probably aware of cybersecurity. In fact we’d be willing to bet you’re pretty well versed in the common security controls that are required for cyber insurance.

That’s why this year we’re taking a break from #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth and welcoming our broker partners and policyholders to join us for Cyberattack Prevention Month. This month we’ll be focusing on four steps that have the strongest impact in preventing attacks, as proven by Corvus data.

Join our CISO, Jason Rebholz on October 24th for a deep-dive webinar featuring Corvus experts, including Ryan Bell, Head of Threat Intelligence, and Cybersecutity Advisors Fayon Atkinson and Danial Ahmed. They will discuss current trends and the top 4 ways organizations can make a meaningful impact on cybersecurity for the next year.

We’ll cover how organizations can:

  • Protect user accounts (using the latest tech)

  • Protect time and resources (by working smarter)

  • Protect  their backups ( the last line of defense)

  • Protect against the latest attack trend (and future-proof against where attacks are going)

We’ll also offer participants the first look at our latest ransomware report covering Q3, with expert insights from our security team.

Featured Speakers


Jason Rebholz

Chief Information Security Officer, Corvus Insurance



Ryan Bell

Head of Threat Intelligence, Corvus Insurance



Fayon Atkinson

Cybersecurity Advisor, Corvus Insurance



Danial Ahmed

Cybersecurity Advisor, Corvus Insurance


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