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Cyber Threats: What Claims Data Tells Us About the Dark Web

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Cyber Threats in 2024: What Claims Data Tells Us About the Dark Web



We’re in the midst of a “new normal” for ransomware. And normal equates to record-breaking highs almost every month. To maintain the current status quo, threat actors will likely continue to inflate year-over-year numbers by relying on new and old ways to exploit vulnerable organizations.

We examined our own claims data and external threat intelligence to predict what is coming in the next few months. Now, to help our broker partners and policyholders prioritize, prepare, and stand their ground, we want to present our cyber crystal ball — supported by data and expertise (nothing mythical here).

Watch the webinar for our deep-dive featuring Corvus experts as we dissect findings from our claims, patterns spotted in the dark web, and ongoing trends from the past year. 

We’ll cover:

  • How external vulnerabilities play an increasingly important role in extortion attacks 

  • The continued rise of social engineering (and how organizations can combat it)

  • Findings from Corvus’s latest Q4 Ransomware Report (and what they mean for 2024)

Featured Speakers


Jason Rebholz

Chief Information Security Officer, Corvus Insurance



Ryan Bell

Head of Threat Intelligence, Corvus Insurance



Erin Heiser

Manager, Cyber Risk Services, Corvus Insurance



Josh Doguet

Senior Claims Manager, Corvus Insurance


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