[ICON] Webinar

Introducing vCISO

vCISO is the latest addition to Corvus’s Policyholder Dashboard. It provides customized, actionable, and prioritized cybersecurity insight with the help of an easy, five-minute assessment.

Learn how vCISO can protect your policyholders with:

  • Information security planning and management activities

  • Initiatives affecting information practices

  • Security risk management activities

  • Evaluation of third parties with access to organizational data

[DIAGRAM] Corvus vCISO - Features & Coverage Highlights

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Nate Smolenski - Chief Information Security Officer, Corvus Insurance

Nate Smolenski,
Chief Information Security Officer, Corvus Insurance

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Lauren Winchester - VP of Smart Breach Response, Corvus Insurance

Lauren Winchester
Corvus Insurance VP of Smart Breach Response

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