The first wave of commercial insurtech has crested — and new options for distribution are everywhere.


With the wave of innovation in commercial insurance reaching a critical mass, carriers, MGAs, and brokerages alike are bringing their own technologies to the table and finding out how to work together to improve efficiency and speed. The difference between “digital” and “traditional” insurance is quickly vanishing.  

In this on-demand recording, panelists will cover a range of topics relevant to brokers as they survey the current landscape of insurance, including:

  • How brokers can remain relevant into the future, and what tools will help

  • How policyholder expectations are changing

  • What do carriers need to bring to the table, and how to evaluate carriers’ differing options

Watch the full webinar recording now (total time: 45min, 26sec)


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[HEADSHOT] Rob Galbraith - Author of

Rob Galbraith

Author, The End Of Insurance As We Know It

Rob Galbraith is the author of the international bestselling book The End Of Insurance As We Know It. Rob has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry in a variety of leadership positions with USAA, Citigroup, and the Federal Reserve Board. 



[PARTNER PHOTO] Brian Thornton - CEO, ProWriters

Brian Thornton

CEO, ProWriters

Brian Thornton is CEO of ProWriters, which is a digital wholesale brokerage placing Cyber, E&O, and D&O insurance for all sized businesses in all 50 states. Brian has over 20 years of insurance industry experience in underwriting and leadership roles. 

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Peter Hedberg - Vice President of Cyber Underwriting, Corvus Insurance

Peter Hedberg

Vice President, Cyber Underwriting at Corvus Insurance

Peter Hedberg has more than 15 years of insurance industry experience, with a specialty in Cyber and Tech E&O lines. At Corvus, Peter manages the northeast U.S. as well as Enterprise Integration Underwriting. 

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Jocelyn Getson - Vice President of Enterprise, Corvus Insurance

Jocelyn Getson - Host

Vice President, Enterprise at Corvus Insurance

Jocelyn Getson leads the development and enablement of partnerships through Corvus Enterprise solution.  Previously, Jocelyn was Vice President of Partnership Strategy for Centricity, and most recently was Head of Cyberfor Slice Labs.