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Smart Tech E+O® Insurance Coverage Form

Thank you for your interest in Smart Tech E+O® Insurance from Corvus. Please fill out your information on the right to view our form.

Comprehensive + Flexible Cyber Insurance

The cyber insurance underwriting process factors in complex risks and should never lose its human touch. While much of our underwriting process is automated through risk models that leverage AI technology, we understand that certain types of risks require expert review. Our Underwriting Team has decades of experience in the cyber insurance market, so regardless of the size or distinctiveness of the business, you'll know the quote you’re getting has been developed with care.

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Smart Tech E+O® Insurance Coverage Details

[ICON] Third-party coverage at Corvus Insurance

Third-party coverage

  • [ICON] Checkmark - Network security and privacy liability
    Network security and privacy liability
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Regulatory investigations, fines, and penaltiesRegulatory investigations, fines, and penalties
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Media liabilityMedia liability
  • [ICON] Checkmark - PCI DSS assessment expensesPCI DSS assessment expenses
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Technology and professional services E&OTechnology and professional services E&O

[ICON] First-party coverage at Corvus Insurance

First-party coverage

  • [ICON] Checkmark - Business interruption
    Business interruption
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Contingent business interruptionContingent business interruption
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Digital asset destruction, data retrieval, and system restoration
    Digital asset destruction, data retrieval, and system restoration
  • [ICON] Checkmark - System failureSystem failure
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Cyber extortion and ransomware
    Cyber extortion and ransomware
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Breach response and remediation expensesBreach response and remediation expenses
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Social engineering and cyber crime
    Social engineering and cyber crime
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Reputational lossReputational loss

[ICON] Additional coverages at Corvus Insurance

Additional coverage

  • [ICON] Checkmark - Bricking coverage
    Bricking coverage
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Invoice manipulationInvoice manipulation
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Forensic accounting coverageForensic accounting coverage
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Bodily injuryBodily injury
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Criminal reward coverageCriminal reward coverage
  • [ICON] Checkmark - Preventative shutdownPreventative shutdown

Meet the Team:

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Mike Karbassi - Chief Underwriting Officer, Corvus Insurance

Mike Karbassi

Chief Underwriting Officer

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Brian Alva - Head of Cyber and Tech E&O Underwriting, Corvus Insurance

Brian Alva 

Senior VP, Cyber TEO Underwriting