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Smart Cyber: Made for Construction

Corvus is partnering with construction companies to combat cyber risk.

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The risk of a work stoppage causing chaos for an active project is just one reason construction firms are a prime target for threat actors. The industry saw ​ransomware attacks increase 48% from 2022 to 2023.

[DIAGRAM] The bright side of the cyber threat landscape

The bright side

Despite the current threat landscape, we’re offering broad policy language, competitive terms, and endorsements made with construction in mind.

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Claim Scenario

Construction Services Company

[DIAGRAM] A deceptive phishing email

[ICON] Step #1

A deceptive phishing email

A large construction firm placed an order with one of their go-to suppliers ahead of a new project. The firm received an email from the billing representative informing them that the supplier’s bank information had changed. New instructions for payment were attached.

[DIAGRAM] A deceptive phishing email

[ICON] Step #2

[DIAGRAM] Money is transferred to a fraudulent account

[DIAGRAM] Money is transferred to a fraudulent account

Money is transferred to a fraudulent account

The construction company sent the payment (approximately $2,000,000). Two days later, their supplier called to inquire about the payment status, and it was quickly discovered that the firm had been defrauded by threat actors who had impersonated the billing representative.

[ICON] Step #3

[DIAGRAM] Cyber forensics finds that system backups are intact

Recovery begins

Corvus worked with the construction firm to respond to the fraudulent transfer of funds, connecting them with several vendors to investigate the wire transfer and their IT system. Since the construction company quickly notified Corvus of the fraudulent charge, we were able to help claw back a majority of the stolen funds.

[DIAGRAM] Recovery begins for construction services company


Industry-Specific Coverage

[ICON] Property Damage Claims

Property Damage Claims


Coverage for both first and third party property damage claims arising out of a hacking attack of the Insured’s computer system (up to $1M in limit available).

[ICON] Bodily Injury Claims

Bodily Injury Claims


Coverage for third party bodily injury claims arising out of a security or privacy breach of the Insured’s computer systems (up to $1M in limit available).

[ICON] Contractual Credits and Penalties

Contractual Credits and Penalties


Coverage added for service credits or contractual penalties imposed against the Insured because of a failure to deliver products or services as the result of a hacking attack of the Insured’s computer system.



[ICON] Missed Bid Coverage

Missed Bid Coverage


Coverage under business income loss is expanded for a missed bid or request for proposal (RFP) due to a total, partial, intermittent interruption or degradation in service of an Insured’s computer system resulting from a privacy breach, security breach, administrative error, or power failure.

[ICON] Additional Coverage Enhancements

Additional Coverage Enhancements


  • Regulatory and Preventive Shutdown Coverage

  • Vicarious Liability Coverage for the owners of properties managed by the insured

  • Coverage under security breach for independent contractors who fail to stop the transmission of malicious code to a third party computer system

  • Definition of Computer System amended to include the use of Drones, Building Information Management software and SCADA systems



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[ICON] Checkmark - Limits up to $10M
Limits up to $10M
[ICON] Checkmark - Primary risks earning up to $5B in gross annual revenue
Primary risks earning up to $5B in gross annual revenue
[ICON] Checkmark - Excess risks earning up to $5B in gross annual revenue
Excess risks earning up to $5B in gross annual revenue

Desired Sub-Classes

[ICON] Checkmark - Construction Services
Construction Services
[ICON] Checkmark - Contractor Services
Contractor Services 

*Eligibility for such program is determined when you apply for coverage. Policy quotes, terms and conditions, and premiums are made in accordance with Corvus Insurance’s underwriting guidelines. The policy, not general descriptions or material within this informational, will form the contract between the insured and our insurance carrier partners. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.

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