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Corvus Security Control Consults

Corvus's Security Control Consults aim to help an organization dig deeper into specific issues and find the right offering to meet their needs. The process begins with a free, no-risk consultation call to explore options and find the best solution. Any further services selected are offered at an exclusive discounted rate.

Through our Security Control Consults, organizations can explore their options, find the best provider to meet their needs, and strengthen their systems against cyber-attacks – all cost-effectively and with the best vendors in the market.

Dig Deeper Into Security Issues

Protect against unauthorized access with enhanced authentication.


Credentials being stolen, reused, or even guessed often leads to an intrusion or turns what could have been a minor incident into an enterprise-wide issue. If only a password is required for access, it’s game over. Multifactor Authentication (MFA) overcomes this challenge. The question is: Which MFA solution should you use? Our Multifactor Authentication Consult will help you determine which MFA solution is right for your organization and support you through the implementation process.  

Identify, deploy, and monitor an endpoint detection and response tool.


More and more, endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are becoming a requirement in an organization's cybersecurity toolkit, and policyholders have numerous EDR vendors to choose from.

Our EDR Consult will help your organization understand the importance and value of EDR, which solution is the best option for your organization, and how to properly deploy and monitor it.

Evaluate and improve backup solutions to minimize downtime.


Backups are regularly targeted by ransomware threat actors to force an organization to pay a ransom. When properly designed and secured, backups provide protection and ongoing leverage to organizations in the fight against ransomware. More often than not, backup controls are required for renewal or new business.

Our Backups Consult will help your organization quickly assess your current backup strategy, understand the most significant risks from the current state, and identify ways to strengthen your backup strategy.

Implement best practices for security and resilience to help mitigate the escalation of cyber incidents.


Active Directory affects security at multiple levels. It defines the high-level security of trusts between global offices and the low-level, granular permissions that determine whether a specific program can run on a user's laptop. Hardening this core infrastructure is a critical first step in improving the security posture of an organization.

Our Active Directory Consult works with your infrastructure team to fully understand the Active Directory architecture in place and make recommendations for ways to better secure your environment. 

Optimize security with network segmentation solutions.


Robust network segmentation complicates a threat actor’s ability to infiltrate your network. Ideally, the most important assets will be segmented from the primary network.

Our consult works with your organization to identify ways to segment the network better to protect what’s most important.

Protect cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure.


As companies increasingly move data into the cloud, it’s important to understand what security settings are available in any given cloud application. While some security settings will be enabled by default, there are likely many other settings to potentially enable.

Our Cloud Security Configuration Consult addresses the increase in data stored in the cloud, identifies providers in use (such as MS365, Google Suite, Azure or AWS), and gives guidance on the proper security settings to enable or where you may need to implement additional tools.  

Corvus Security Control Consults and the services offered in our Vendor Marketplace are powered by our partners at MOXFIVE, RED SKY Consulting, SentinelOne®, and Tetra Defense.

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