Dig deeper into this year's most talked-about cyber threat. 

Brokers selling Cyber and Tech E&O policies are increasingly aware of the threat of ransomware - with good reason. There's been a 350% increase in ransomware attacks in 2019, with attackers now focusing heavily on organizations like hospitals and municipal governments. 

On December 3rd, 2019, Corvus brought together two experts on ransomware from insurance and cybersecurity to discuss what insurance brokers need to know about ransomware and how it relates to cyber exposure. 

The discussion covered: 

  • Attack vectors

    • Why phishing remains the primary threat
  • Remediation

    • How your clients can prepare by "practicing during peacetime" and know exactly what to do in the event of an attack
  • When to pay, or not pay, a ransom

  • Post-breach

    • How to rebuild systems and what insurance will cover 
  • How you can expect cyber liability policies to help at each stage


Watch the full webinar recording now (total time: 40min, 26sec)


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[HEADSHOT] Brian Haugli - Partner and Co-Founder, SideChannelEC

Brian Haugli

Partner and Co-founder, SideChannelSec

Brian Haugli has been driving security programs for two decades and brings a true practitioner's approach to the industry.  He creates a more realistic way to address information security and data protection issues for organizations.  Brian is a renowned speaker and expert on NIST guidance, threat intelligence implementations, and strategic organizational initiatives.

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Peter Hedberg - Vice President of Cyber Underwriting, Corvus Insurance

Peter Hedberg

VP, Cyber Underwriting, Corvus Insurance

Peter Hedberg has more than 15 years of insurance industry experience, with a specialty in Cyber and Tech E&O lines.