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[DIAGRAM] Corvus Insurance Q1 Ransomware Report

Q1 Ransomware Report

Ransomware Groups Don't Die, They Multiply

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In our Q1 Ransomware Report, our threat intel team has compiled the latest intel to keep you up-to-date.

Download the report to uncover these key takeaways and more:

  • Despite significant disruptions for high-profile ransomware gangs LockBit and BlackCat, Q1 2024 became the most active first quarter ever recorded — a 21% increase over Q1 2023

  • New ransomware gangs filled the void left by LockBit and BlackCat; 18 new leak sites emerged throughout Q1 (higher than any other quarter)

  • Medical specialists experienced the highest concentration of attacks with a 38% increase from Q4 2023



Jason Rebholz

Chief Information Security Officer, Corvus Insurance



Ryan Bell

Head of Threat Intelligence, Corvus Insurance