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Pixels and Ad Tech: Learning the Liabilities and Mitigating Risk

How does a 1x1 graphic (about the size of a grain of sand) affect the online ads you see every day? 

Powered by a bit of Javascript code, a tracking pixel is responsible for the targeted, flashy banner advertisements that follow you around the internet. The problem? Personal information is (allegedly) being sent to third-party vendors, resulting in potential regulatory violations and data privacy suits. 

  • How do tracking pixels work?


  • Why are pixels a privacy concern and what industries face greater liability?


  • What is the current legal and regulatory landscape, and where is it going?


  • What should companies that use pixels or ad tech be doing to mitigate risk?

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Webinar Panelists

[PARTNER PHOTO] Lynn Sessions - Partner, BakerHostetler sessions

Lynn Sessions

Partner, BakerHostetler


[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Lauren Winchester - SVP of Risk + Response, Corvus Insurance

Lauren Winchester

SVP of Risk + Response, Corvus Insurance

[PARTNER PHOTO] Paul Karlsgodt - Partner, BakerHostetler sessions

Paul Karlsgodt

Partner, BakerHostetler