Free IT security reports for utilities and energy companies. 

[DIAGRAM] Free IT Security Reports for Utilities and Energy Companies 

[DIAGRAM] Dynamic Loss Prevention Peer Benchmark EmailCorvus is pleased to offer our proprietary IT security reports to any companies or organizations  supplying water, electricity, oil, gas, or other critical resources in the United States.

If you're part of our critical infrastructure network, we want to help make you safer. 

Based on the results of a non-intrusive scan, these reports provide a 1 to 100 score of overall cybersecurity and scores for eight key security sub-categories. The report also includes dozens of recommendations for key IT security issues to improve or fix. 

All we need is your organization's primary website URL, and your valid business email address. 

Here's how it works: 

  • Enter your information in the form on this page

  • You'll get a confirmation by email that the report is underway

  • We'll send you a PDF copy of the report as soon as it's ready

  • Your team gets actionable recommendations to improve IT security!

This service is free of charge for qualifying organizations. Corvus will never use your information to market our products and services. 



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