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Cyber Insurance from Corvus

Corvus Insurance and Expel have partnered to identify and respond to cyber risks and mitigate or eliminate the impact of adverse events. By sharing data in aggregate, Corvus and its Smart Cyber Partners™ will have even greater access to data-enhanced risk modeling, driving the future evolution of risk assessments and guidance.

The prevalence of cyberattacks has increased — and it's no longer just major corporations and governments that are feeling the pressure. As ransomware makes headlines, the need for cyber insurance has spread to small- and medium-sized entities stretching across practically every industry. As a customer of Expel, it's easy to see that your organization has invested in IT, and cares about security; insurance is an essential component of an overall cyber risk program.

In years past, many organizations got cyber coverage through an endorsement added to their general liability policy. In the current risk environment, however, add-ons just don’t cut it. Losses from social engineering, ransomware, and other cyber crimes may not be covered at all, or have vastly insufficient limits. Instead, our policies were developed for the modern risk landscape. They are intended to cover certain business losses from security breaches and cybercrime events with broad first- and third-party coverage.

Corvus offers more than coverage. Each policy includes a personalized risk report generated by the proprietary Corvus Scan to help guide your cyber hygiene efforts. Depending on which policy you get with Corvus, you may also qualify for hands-on, proactive help and access to industry-leading services to reduce risk, respond effectively to a cyber attack or breach, and help through each stage of an incident to recovery.

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Common Incidents That Trigger Claims Include:


    Ransomware attacks: Hackers lock up files or devices and demand a ransom payment in exchange for release


    Data Breaches: Confidential data is stolen or otherwise exposed


    System Failure: Shutdowns due to system outages that may or may not be malicious in nature


    Wire Fraud: An employee is tricked into sending money to a scammer

By clicking “Submit,” you agree that we may contact you regarding information on policy programs that we may offer. Eligibility for such programs is determined when you apply for coverage. Policy quotes, terms and conditions, and premiums are made in accordance with our underwriting guidelines. The policy, not general descriptions or material in this website, will form the contract between the insured and our insurance carrier partners. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.