The Top 5 Cybersecurity Tips for Tech Companies

Strategies for Tech Companies to Cover Their Security Bases

The threat of ransomware is persisting, and we continue to see attacks launched on organizations of all sizes and industries. The tech sector has a specific draw for threat actors, where companies have rich data and downstream customers, creating opportunities for large ransom payments. Business leaders often feel that, with the never-ending stream of news and changing advice, the biggest hurdle is determining how, and where, to start with protecting their own and their customers’ IT systems. They need a well-thought-out cybersecurity implementation plan. 

Based on the experience of our Risk + Response team working with technology and professional services firms, we’ve highlighted some go-to cybersecurity risk management solutions for covering your security bases:


  • Cybersecurity Vulnerability Management

  • Protection Against Malware

  • Prevention of Ransomware

  • Multi-factor Authentication

  • Endpoint Detection and Response

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Incident Response Plan & Vendor Management

  • Insurance Coverage

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