The CCPA is in effect as of January 1st. Many businesses across the US don't know their risk.


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) could impact more than half a million businesses across the U.S. -- even if they don't have any base of operations in California. The law provides for direct legal action and requests from consumers for information about their data.

On December 10th, Corvus hosted Stuart Panensky, Partner at FisherBroyles LLP and expert from insurance and cybersecurity to discuss what insurance brokers need to know about the CCPA and how it relates to cyber exposure. 

The Discussion Covered: 

  • What kinds of businesses are required to comply with CCPA?

  • How does the law define a “reasonable” cybersecurity defense?

  • What does the new “private right of action” for consumers mean for your clients' liability?

  • What are the biggest operational impacts for your clients?

  • What coverage in your cyber liability policy can help clients with managing risk?

  • How can risk assessments from your client’s cyber insurer help you communicate needed updates?


Watch the full webinar recording now (total time: 42min, 53sec)

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[PARTNER HEADSHOT] Stu Panensky - Partner, FisherBroyles LLP

Stu Panensky

Partner, FisherBroyles LLP

Stu Panensky has more than 15 years of experience as a commercial litigator and business & privacy attorney. He is an expert on data breach response for the professional services, retail, hospitality, financial institutions, technology, and healthcare industries as well as a top legal advisor to IT professionals and software developers in the scope of data exfiltration, obligations to notify impacted consumers and/or government regulators and contractual obligations to report to the PCI.

[EMPLOYEE HEADSHOT] Brian Alva - Vice President of Cyber Underwriting, Corvus Insurance

Brian Alva

VP, Cyber Underwriting, Corvus Insurance

Brian Alva has more than 10 years of insurance industry experience, with a specialty in Cyber underwriting.