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Analyzing Risk Aggregation in Cyber Insurance 

Work in cyber insurance long enough and you're bound to hear about it: the "cyber hurricane" that's surely around the corner. Modeling cyber risk at the portfolio level is difficult, especially when it comes to predicting the impact of CAT events that are — so far — theoretical.

But it doesn't mean there's no path forward. In fact, work done in areas like Property insurance have paved the way for risk aggregation and reporting, and the wide variety of data available in cyber provides for a unique opportunity to measure cybersecurity risk. In this whitepaper, we explore questions relating to cyber risk management in detail with help from our partners at CyberCube

In this whitepaper:

  • How to think about cyber risk aggregation methodology in the context of catastrophe modeling, and what data is available

  • What lessons we can draw from windstorm insurance, and how CyberCube approaches cyber risk modeling 

  • MGUs' key role in sharing data pertaining to risk management with program managers and reinsurers


[WHITEPAPER] Analyzing Risk Aggregation in Cyber Insurance


Access the whitepaper (PDF)