Corvus Risk Insights Index 

Q4 2021 | Cyber & Technology E&O

A series of comprehensive reports covering unique data and analytics such as ransomware statistics, other cybercrime trends, and the state of email security. These metrics are drawn from Corvus's work in modeling and managing risks across different types of security incidents and cyber insurance claims.

The Q4 2021 edition covers:

  • Industry Spotlight

    • A deep dive on litigation risk for tech companies
  • Data Science Spotlight

    • Trends in the use of tools and technologies that impact cyber risk
  • Ransomware Trends

    • Mid-year check-in on trends in ransomware
  • Vulnerability Report

    • Review of key recent exploits & vulnerability discoveries currently impacting the cyber insurance market
[REPORT] Corvus Risk Insights Index Q4 2021


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